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Mobile trip assistant


The system for tour operators that uses smartphones and tablets to present a trip program and various information useful for participants. The current and proposed trails, as well as places to visit, are shown on 2D and 3D map. The application presents content not only in text form, but also as audio recordings, as well as partially works in the off-line mode. The solution creates a new channel of sales and marketing for the tour operator and distinguishes it on the market. Moreover, the system is easy to use not only for trip participants, but also for office managers, owners, and trip guides.

Trip program

Information about the current trip day with a detailed plan

Multimedia guide

Guide with descriptions, photos, and audio regarding visited places

2D and 3D maps

2D and 3D maps presenting the trail and the user location

Useful notes

Various notes, such as about visited cities and local products

Version for kids

Special cartoon-based version of guide dedicated to children

Searching places

Searching places, including shops and restaurants

Spare time

User's list of places to visit and additional trails for spare time

Additional attractions

Presentation of extra attractions for trip participants

Offer presentation

Attractive and multimedia presentation of offer

Social media

Sharing information in social media in a simple way

Contact with clients

Keeping in touch with clients after the end of trip


Promotion and distinction among competition on the market


for the TOURISER mobile application in:

Tech.Travel Award 2015


The system is delivered by:
TITUTO Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.], Zelwerowicza 52G Street, 35-601 Rzeszów, Poland
TIN: 813-367-20-85, REGON: 180833938, KRS: 0000416819

  +48 692-693-251

Official TOURISER representatives in other countries:
Ukraine     +38 0963419900